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Ashley Greene at Premiere for Wish I Was Here

Ashley Green has a new movie coming out July 18, Wish I Was Here. The movie stars Zack Braff and he also co-wrote, directed and produced the film. Braff proved that the premiere itself was a family affair, laughing alongside costars Ashley Greene, Joey King, Pierce Gagnon, Jim Parsons and Donald Faison as well as older brother and co-writer Adam Braff and his family at the Director’s Guild of America Theater Complex in Los Angeles on Monday.

Ashley Greene described how exciting it was to speak with fans during one of the scenes at Comic-Con. “It was fun to be on the other side and see how things work,” she said, noting how the experience differed from her time at Comic-Con with Twilight.

Zach Braff couldn’t help but gush about how cool it was “to see a grip explaining something to a fan, orKate Hudson talking to them about her wireless microphone. For those of us who spend our lives on set,” he said, “it was so fun sharing that with people who love movies.”

Wish I Was Here opens wide July 18.