At the end of the fight inside of Bellas Ballet Studio, Bella has ended up in the hospital for her injuries. She is in Arizona where she fled with Jasper and Alice. The production crew used the schools weight room and transformed it into a hospital room. First they had to remove everything in the room and then they built in walls and decor. This way they could continue filming even on a sunny day. Its interesting that the production people planned a similar back up setting at each of the filming locations around Portland. They set up the interior of the Ballet Studio inside a Stage/Film warehouse right near the Carver Cafe/Stone Cliff Inn. When they were filming at The Shire, which was completely outdoors, they used one of the Counties buildings on the roadway to build out Bella’s bedroom for a scene. In St. Helens they used St. Helens High School for two scenes which were indoors. So it was no surprise they set up the weight room here at Kalama HS to use when weather didn’t cooperate.