Multnomah Falls is one of Oregon’s greatest treasures.  I initially questioned why they used such a recognizable Oregon landmark for filming a location that was supposed to duplicate an area in NW Washington. But when I saw the falls once again in person, I could understand why they wanted to include it in the movie. The falls itself is a gorgeous view to behold.  My excitement rose as I walked the pathway up to the bridge where I had hoped I could see across the river to the area where the baseball scene was filmed. When I walked to the center of the bridge I turned around to face the river and there it was.  The field was dead center between the trees and easy to recognize. We continued on the trail and took more photos showing the area. We also took some photos which I thought showed the rocky area along the river where they sat and walked.  After visiting the falls I did more research online and found out that this area is called The Shire and owned by the University of Oregon.  More information is on an earlier post. I plan to visit the field the end of June and will post more photos and information.  Thank you NG for these wonderful photos.