Robert Pattinson


Recently I was in LA and I wanted to visit two more of the filming sites they used for Maps To The Stars. They filmed several locations in the LA area for the movie. One was right on Rodeo Drive in front of the Valentino Store and the other was high in the Hollywood hills. The filming took place in LA in August 2013. They used the Hollywood sign for the background in the scene. I really was not sure how close to the sign we could get, but we took off following my GPS which took us right up under it. We followed the winding road till there was a deadend among the mult-million dollar homes. Several other cars were parked there and people were walking around taking photos. We were a lot closer than I thought we could get and it was really exciting. There was also a large fence across the end of the road and on the other side was a dirt road which led to several hiking trails. The trails from here led you to The Griffith Park Observatory and through Griffith Park. We took several photos from the road but I really wanted to try to see the areas they used for the movie. I ended up climbing up on a plateau area and then could see clearly right up to the sign. From where I was I could see through the trees but I did not see any clearing area below the sign. It could have been on the other side of the sign from where we were or they could have used that movie magic and filmed it in another area and put the two areas together. There were several no trespassing signs to discourage you from hiking to the sign so I just took photos instead. The area they used for the part where Mia and Rob are laying/sitting clearly was not in my sights. Two scenes from Twilight were filmed within the park. I also visited The Beverly Hilton and Rodeo Drive where they filmed other MTTS scenes with Rob.



We were able to get right up to the sign but still did not see right where they had filmed. It must have been further across from where I took photos. You can spot power poles in my photos in the lower left corner. DSCN3015 mtts-trailer2_37   DSCN3013   DSCN3011 DSCN3019 DSCN3012 IMG_1024 DSCN3022 Robert-Pattinson-Mia-Wasikowska-LA-set-Maps DSCN3020